Every wealthy person has multiple streams of income. They have businesses and assets that make them money in their sleep. You are here because you are looking to do the same. This special bundle has five courses that will help you reach that milestone in less than a year.

We all know that every wealthy person owns real estate. If you own your own home - fantastic! If you don't, after this course you will. Further, you will also own other properties bringing you in passive income monthly. The real estate investing course will help you step-by-step, property-by-property, build a real estate empire that will put you on a super path for building wealth NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CURRENT FINANCIAL SITUATION IS.

CBD will be multi billion dollar industry in the next two years. It just recently became federally legal in 2017. Many people still don't know what it is or what the benefits are. This amazing course will make you an expert in the cannabis industry. It will give you all the information, resources, and steps needed to create a booming CBD business that will have the added benefit of helping people with pain, anxiety, stress, etc.

One of the easiest businesses I have ever started was my Maintenance business. It required no startup capital and no other resources than my cell phone. This business will allow you to invoice $5,000 or more per week, profiting $10,000 a month. There is no limit to this business, as is the case with any business. This course gives you everything, including exact files, that I used to land lucrative contracts. It's a great business to get family involved and build for generations.

I'm pretty positive that you have shopped online and will continue to do so. Amazon is a trillion dollar company. Shopping online is outgrowing in store shopping at an astronomical pace. With great branding, marketing, and products, you can put your Shopify store on automatic and have residual income coming in while you build your other businesses. This course gives you tons of tips and tricks and secrets you won't find anywhere else to build the best and most profitable stores.

By now, I'm sure you have heard all the rage about Bitcoin. It has gone from having a value of mere pennies to $18,000 in less than 10 years. If you missed the first bull run where millionaires were made over night, don't miss this next one. At the time of this writing, bitcoin has increased by $3,000 in four days. However, bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There are thousands. This course will teach you about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. You'll learn which coins and projects are great investments for the long term and how to invest. It's predicted that bitcoin will reach a value of $100,000 and even surpass the value of gold, giving it a price of $500,000. Don't let fear keep you on the sidelines. If you know how to use your phone, this course will show you how to get going.

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